15 Awesome Gaming Gadgets And Accessories

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Xbox Elite Series 2 is quite possibly the best controller EVER

You’ll struggle going back to normal controllers where you cant trigger lock or use the rear flappy paddles to program to buttons. I have LB, RB, X, A programmed. Basically in shooters, i can reload, jump/vault/interact, throw grenade etc without taking my thumbs off of the move and look sticks. If you play online shooters and want to give yourself an edge, get one.

Attention all serious Fortnite, COD and FPS players, this controller mod will give you a serious advantage over everybody that’s not using one

These thumbsticks attaches to your controller to give you a wider and more accurate range of motion and maximizing agility, accuracy and grip.

If you really want to jump start your progress and you’re serious about becoming a badass as fast as possible on fighting games, I would highly recommend getting a good fight stick

A clever device that essentially turns your phone into a handheld gaming console

This little gadget allows you to clip your phone to an X-Box controller to create your own mini gaming system

Awesome playstand for the Switch! It is locked at the button to prevent it from sliding from left to the right which is great. Viewing angles are great too and it stands stable on any surface.

For anyone that wants a comfortable grip for their Switch, the Satisfye is the best ergonomic one out there

Snap your Joy Cons into these wear-resistant grips for increased control and comfort for long gaming sessions

Great audio takes your gaming experience to an entirely new level and these speakers will blow your dick off! Anyone who lives in your house will probably hate you, but damn the sound will be crisp as fuck!

Gaming headphones are 100% gimmick. Get a nice pair of headphones instead, and a separate mic or modmic to add on

The Couchmaster makes PC gaming from your couch so much easier!

Great chair for long gaming sessions in front of the tv

Elgato Game Capture Card – If you have aspirations to become the next big video game stramer, you’l need one of these

It’s the perfect device for livestreaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Ustream, or you can share your recordings to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in just one click.

The Energizer 2X charging system is officially licensed by Microsoft, and it consists of two rechargeable batteries and a handy charging stand to keep your game setup tidy and your controllers charged and ready to go.

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