20 Awesome Dog Products That’ll Make You Say, “Why Didn’t I Buy This Sooner?”

We’ve put together a few ideas to treat your best friend. Here are our top picks in cleaning, outerwear, accessories, beds, crates and interactive toys.

1. Upgrade bath time with this suction cup treat dispenser

FDA-grade silicone
Dishwasher safe
Tabs for easy removal
Bathtime is never fun, but it’s a little easier to wrangle your dog if they’re distracted by treats. This suction cup easily attaches to a shower or bathtub wall, and the tiny nub design slows down eating so they can’t gobble down everything in a few seconds.

2. Dry off faster with this microfiber quick-dry towel

Machine washable and dryer safe
Comes in beige, blue, brown and gray
34” x 14”
There’s nothing quite like wet dog smell. Nip it in the bud with this microfiber shammy-style towel that holds seven times its weight in water. The towel design includes pockets for your hands to make drying your dog’s legs and stomach easier.

3. Wipe off muddy paws with a portable paw cleaner cup

Soft brush design
Nontoxic natural rubber
Comes in blue or green

OK — this one is more for you than your dog, but this paw cleaner cup is perfect if you’re tired of cleaning muddy paw prints off your floors or furniture. You can also turn the cup inside out and use it as a brush.

4. Celebrate the most important day of the year in style with this birthday boy (or girl) bandana

100% cotton
21” x 21”
Designs for boys and girls

Whether it’s your dog’s first or 10th birthday, it’s a great time to show them a little extra love. This bandana lets everyone know it’s your dog’s big day — it might even earn them a free treat or two.

5. For the dapper dog, a bowtie collar is sure to make them the talk of the dog park

100% cotton
Comes in 5 prints

This sophisticated look takes your dog’s style to the next level. Plus, it’s just cute. These bowties come with a matching collar, but the bowtie itself can be removed and attached to any collar you like.

6. Chill out even the wildest pups with this calming dog bed


Sizes as small as 23” and
as large as 45”
Comes in taupe and frost
Machine wash and dry

Can a bed keep a dog calm? This 4.5 stars-rated product is promising. Thousands of reviews praise the bed’s looks and comfort level, and many people say their dog fell asleep immediately in it.

7. For seniors, an orthopedic dog bed might be the best choice


1-year limited warranty
Sizes small to XXL
Comes in pewter, cocoa, khaki and vanilla

This orthopedic dog bed is made of memory foam and promotes healthy posture for dogs with joint pain or arthritis. It’s perfect for older dogs that need a little extra support.

8. For true luxury, consider upgrading to a pet couch


Washable cushion cover
Fits pets up to 40 pounds
Comes in brown or dark gray

If you have a hard time keeping your dog off the couch, why not get them their own? This faux leather design comes with a comfortable, pillow-style bed.

9. For those dogs that still prefer your couch, a waterproof dog blanket saves your furniture

100% cotton
21” x 21”
Designs for boys and girls

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your best friend no, even when they’re on your favorite couch or chair. This waterproof blanket is soft and protects your furniture.

10. Upgrade the classic wire kennel for this wooden end-table kennel that doubles as furniture


Bed included
23″ x 32″ x 26″
Comes in espresso and white

This two-for-one product gives your dog a cool place to call their own and serves as a side table, end table or nightstand for you. Win-win!

11. Make your furry friend the envy of the neighborhood with this fancy dog house with a balcony


Designed for smaller pets
Assembly tools included
Approved for indoor/outdoor use

OK, this one is just cute. If you want to be a little extra with your dog (and, be honest, who doesn’t?), consider upgrading their classic dog house to this castle-like home with a built-in balcony.

12. See and talk to your dog when you’re away from home with the Furbo dog treat camera


Works with Alexa
160-degree wide-angle view
1080p HD with day and night vision

This camera is a gift for you and your pet. It lets you check on your pets with your mobile device while you’re away from home, includes 2-way audio so they can hear your voice and doubles as a treat-launcher so you can reward good behavior even when you’re miles away. The bark-alert feature sends you a notification when your dog is barking so you can check to see if everything is OK — a pet owner’s dream.

13. Have an escape artist? Ensure your dog’s safe return with a location tracker collar


Live location tracking via Google maps
Send alerts to multiple owners

Nothing is more devastating than when your beloved friend breaks free of their leash or sneaks out an open gate. This device attaches to your dog’s collar and sends you alerts when your dog leaves a designated safe area. It also has health monitoring features, including a weekly wellness report that tracks licking, scratching and sleeping patterns.

14. Help your short-legged friend out with a set of dog stairs


Standard and XL sizes; holds up to 200 pounds
Non-skid steps
Ramp option available

For small breeds and short-legged pups, getting on and off of furniture can be difficult and hard on their joints. These sturdy pet stairs fold up for easy storage.

15. Help them stay cool with this collapsible dog pool


Made with thick PVC for durability
Sizes from 32” to 55”
Foldable and portable

Bath time may not be fun, but pool time is another story. If your pup can’t get enough of the water, an inflatable pool is the hit of the summer.

16. Keep them safe in deeper waters with a dog life jacket


Sizes for dogs from five to 100 pounds
Adjustable buckles for custom fit
Comes in orange and pink

If your dog is ready to upgrade from pool time to the lake lifestyle, make sure they stay safe with this life jacket designed for dogs of all sizes — from Yorkies to Labs and even bigger dog breeds. The jacket comes with easy grab handles.

17. For the toy destroyer, consider buying dog ropes in bulk


Plastic free
Meets children’s toy safety standards
Designed for aggressive chewers

Even good boys and girls go bad sometimes. If you have a toy shredder in your home, investing in a pack of toys makes your life a little easier. This pack includes 11 rope toys in different shapes, sizes and designs. The purchases support a dog rescue organization.

18. For mornings when you can’t swing by Starbucks for a pup cup, this coffee cup dog toy is the next best thing


Five coffee-themed designs
Small and large sizes available
Plush-style toy

They say dogs and their owners start to look alike after a while. With this coffee cup-themed squeak toy, you’ll be well on your way to twinning with your pup — or you’ll at least have an excuse for the perfect photo op.

19. Challenge your dog with an interactive toy


Plush toy with squeaker
Sizes small to XL
Chipmunks design also available

For dogs that get bored quickly, interactive toys provide a little more mental stimulation. This plush-style toy includes several hidey holes for your dog to discover new, plush friends and stay entertained.

20. If they’re not into plush toys, try the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball


Designed for dogs of all sizes
Indoor/outdoor use
No batteries required

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball — if it’s even half as fun to play with as it is to say, your pup will have a great time with this interactive ball. A simple nudge from your dog activates it, and the ball moves (wobbles) and makes noises (giggles) to keep your dog engaged.

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