The Best Bikes You Can Get On Amazon

1. A cruiser bicycle available in gorgeous pastel hues. This is perfect for anyone who wants to look like they just stepped off the set of The Notebook.

Sizes: 24″-26″

Promising review: “I love my new bike! The seat is very comfortable, the color is beautiful, and being able to sit upright (rather than bending over to reach the handlebars) is great. My back and arms are no longer sore after a ride! This is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever had.” –Michelle L. Kendrick

Price: $199.99 (available in 43 colors and in 1-, 3-, and 7-speeds, expert assembly available)

2. A beach bicycle designed with high handlebars, meaning you won’t have to bend over (hello, sore back) to be able to reach the handles.

Size: 26″

Promising review: “This bike is a beautiful teal color and has a smooth ride. The base and back wheel are already pre-assembled right out of the box, and so far, everything is working well and I adore the color. This bike has gotten me back to a fun pastime that I had forgotten about as an adult!” —whimsical1

Price: $179.99 (available in 12 colors, expert assembly available)

3. A fixed gear commuter bike that will have you breathing out a huge, dramatic sigh of relief. Why? It’s super easy to assemble! Seriously!

Sizes: 43cm-61cm

Promising review: “I put this bike together in about 20 minutes! It was mostly assembled when I got it, and my first ride was 28 miles and it never failed me. This is a great commuter bike and/or leisure rider.” —CSI Guy

Price: $179.99+ (available in 12 colors, expert assembly available)

4. A lightweight single-speed bike with heavy duty tires capable of surviving your commute. Getting to work in the snow? Not a problem.

Sizes: 43cm-61cm

Promising review: “Okay, this bike is a great deal. It has a very cool retro/metro look, rides great, and assembly was a breeze. All required tools are provided: you only need to install the handlebar stem and tighten the bars, install the seat post (one bolt), screw the pedals into the already installed cranks, and stick the front wheel on. It took less than 30 minutes total. Plus, it rides smooth, brakes great, and is a good price.” —Leo3

Price: $189.99 (available in two colors, expert assembly available)

5. A hybrid bike you can ride anywhere and everywhere. The beach boardwalk? Check. Your residential neighborhood? Check. The city street riddles with pot holes? Check check check.

Size: 28″

Promising review: “This is my baby. I love it to pieces. I love it so much. The ride is fantastic. I ride it on roads with high traffic that can use some major construction, but the tires on this are thick enough to deal with the bumps that my thinner tires couldn’t handle before. I also ride it through a residential area with some pretty big hills: it’s not a problem and the gears help a lot. Plus, the brakes are heavenly. I feel completely in control going down steep hills and I’ve never had a problem stopping right where I want to. I’ve gone on a 16-mile ride nonstop from one end of LA to the other on this bike and it was great.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $300.12 (expert assembly available)

6. A wayfarer bike ready for a Pinterest photo op. This has extra storage room for up to two baskets, which will forever make your trips to the farmer’s market seem 👏 so 👏 much 👏 cooler 👏.

Size: 26″

Promising review: “I love my bicycle! It’s comfortable, easy to navigate through my local city streets, and so pretty. The gears shift very easily, and the back rack allows for extra storage options (I added collapsable baskets on either side, which is enough space for a farmers’ market trip).” —Heather W. Rudulph

Price: $188.99 (available in two colors, expert assembly available)

7. A cruiser bike made with two-toned grips on the handlebars that give a you a firm and comfortable — well, grip — of your bike.

Sizes: 24″-26″

Promising review: “This bike works better than my other bike that has seven gears. This reminds me of my old bike from when I was a kid, and I can’t wait to use it some more! I’m around 240 lbs, and this supports me well.” —Blue Jay

Price: $159.99 (available in three colors)

8. A commuter bike that has an adorable bell, meaning you can be one of those obnoxious bikers who rings at people when they’re on the wrong side of the street.

Size: 38cm-44cm

Promising review: “I love this bike! I wanted something simple and inexpensive, but good quality. This was perfect for me! And of course, it’s also just so stinkin’ cute. It comes with a bell and rear rack, and I’ve added a basket to the front.” —Samantha

Price: $219.99 (expert assembly available)

9. A comfort bike to motivate you to actually be outside this summer! The AC and your current Netflix binge will be there when you return.

Sizes: Suitable for anyone 5’4″-5’10”.

Promising review: “I love this bike! It’s lightweight, and the handlebars help keep you more upright when riding.” —Josie Robles

Price: $241.25+

10. A folding bike perfect for anyone with a limited amount of storage space. This bike, as the name implies, folds into itself.

Psst, this bike has a lifetime warranty!

Size: 20″

Promising review: “I love this bike! There wasn’t much to put it together and it was easy to unfold, and I fold and unfold this bike daily. Overall, best purchase ever!” —Amazon Customer

Price: $209.94+ (available in three colors)

11. A hybrid bike with a super comfy seat that WON’T have your tush feeling sore after .5 seconds. You can bet your ~bottom~ dollar on that.

Sizes: 18″-20″

Promising review: “My husband bought this bike for me on my 65th birthday (yes folks, I am a very active lady), and I LOVE IT. I am riding 15 miles a day, and feel great. Plus, the bike is comfortable and the gears are very easy to switch.” —Jannie

Price: $346.67 (expert assembly available)

12. A fixed-gear track bike that will have you singing, “And I would bike 500 miles, and I would bike 500 more…” Those are the real lyrics to the song, aren’t they?

Sizes: 43cm-60cm

Promising review: “This is a great bike, especially for the price. Pretty lightweight and feels solid! I’ve now put about 100 miles on this bike and I still love it. I plan on buying another one for my girlfriend so we can ride together.” —John S.

Price: $192.74+ (available in three colors)

13. A city bike with a shallow basket to hold all of your necessities: cell phone, wallet, etc. You’ll never have to worry about keeping your keys in your pocket and losing them during your ride.

FYI! This bike comes 85% assembled.

Sizes: 48cm-56cm

Promising review: “I’m in love with this bike! The paint color is a bright, fresh matte finish, the basket is a little shallow but is perfect for trips to the market, and it’s perfect for riding around town. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it earlier in the year.” —Blake

Price: $549.99+ (available in two colors)

14. A hybrid bike that has a steel handlebar. WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN? It means that this bike is capable of absorbing the shock from bumps on the road.

Sizes: 15″-17″

Promising review: “This is a very comfortable bicycle: it rides smoothly, is easy on the knees, the seat is comfortable, and I love the way it changes gears. It’s like a Cadillac compared to the bike I had before. I am very happy with my purchase!” —Debra Holmstrom

Price: $244.61+

15. A cruiser bike with a Margaritaville design, a cup holder, and — braces yourselves — A FREAKIN’ PARROT HORN.

Size: 26″

Promising review: “I love this bike! The colors, the thoughtful details, and the parrot horn! It’s super comfortable and the gear shifter is awesome and super simple to use.” —KMMxxx1

Price: $251.99+ (expert assembly available)

Me, riding my new bike all summer long:

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