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This Giant Steel Kraken Was Sunk With An Old WW2 Ship To Create The Coolest Artificial Coral Reef Ever

In April 2017 this giant sculpture of a Kraken was sunk along with a WW2 era ship near the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, as a means of starting a new coral ecosystem.

The project, titled BVI Art Reef, is the joint work of the NGO Unite B.V.I., along with artist group Secret Samurai Productions, social justice entrepreneurial group Maverick1000, and ocean education nonprofit Beneath the Waves. “It’s envisioned that within just a short space of time the ship and artwork will attract a myriad of sea creatures. Everything from corals to sea sponges, sharks and turtles will live on, in and around the wreck.” Says Clive Petrovic, leader of the environmental impact assessment of the project.

Owen Buggy, photographer and marine mechanic, was the original brains behind the project having found the wreck abandoned and awaiting scrap. He told Bored Panda, ” I had the idea to create a dive site and artificial reef near Necker Island, which is owned by Richard Branson. I then discovered the Kodiak Queen AKA the USS YO-44 silently rotting away in a ship graveyard in Tortola, I researched it and found out that it was historically important. I then personally pitched the idea to Richard Branson, and he fell in love with the idea. We saved it from being chopped up for scrap at the 11th hour, and then the ball really got rolling! It took roughly two years from concept in my head to the actual sink, and involved a lot of great and hard working people.”

It is hoped that the Kraken, which is the work of artist Drew Shook and his small art team made up of both Americans and local BVI residents, and the historically relevant ship it rides on will attract dive tourism to the British Virgin Islands, and encourage a new generation of people who are passionate about ocean conservation. The ship was prepared and cleaned to the highest standards by Commercial Dive Services Tortola to ensure safety for diving, while making the difficult task of correctly sinking of the ship run smoothly.

Rob Sorrenti made a documentary about the construction and sinking of the kraken and its ship, you check out the trailer below!

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