Spectacular Christmas Tree In Vilnius Features 70,000 Lightbulbs And 900 Toys

On the evening of December 1st, 2017, Christmas season has officially started in Vilnius as the main Christmas Tree was lit at the Cathedral Square.

Last year’s Vilnius had one of the most beautiful Christmas Trees in the world, thus this year Lithuania’s Capital had again prepared a huge surprise for all citizen and city’s guests – incredible and breath-taking Christmas Tree illuminated with more than 70,000 lightbulbs and traditional ‘Christmas Town’ surrounding the Christmas Tree in the center of the square.

The 2017 Christmas Tree has more lightbulbs than last year’s amazing Christmas Tree with an amazing height of 27 meters, 900 Christmas toys on it and total of 70,000 illuminating lightbulbs. In total, the whole Christmas Three covers 2,500 square meters. It is said, that this year’s Vilnius Christmas Tree is so bright that it is visible to the naked eye for everyone flying over the capital city of Lithuania.

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